跑道设施, 它已经使用了近一个世纪, will be renovated as the first phase of work in the complex that also houses the baseball and softball fields. 美国总统劳里·卡特在乔治·A·华盛顿大学破土动工. 周一早上的怀廷纪念场地, 计划要求所有工作在2023年秋季之前完成.
    "The track and field project is one of many ways Lawrence is investing in our future," Carter said. "Student athletes and coaches do a fantastic job of elevating the Lawrence brand through their work on the field, 法院, 在教室里. I am thrilled that we are upgrading our athletic facilities in a way that honors their commitment to Lawrence."
    劳伦斯投资了4美元.花了300万翻修了1925年开放的设施. 旧铁轨将被完全夷为平地, and the new lighted track will be situated near the site of the existing oval. Infrastructure work on the track facility will take place this fall with the asphalt and track surface being put in place in 2023.
    “在如此规模的项目上破土动工是非常特殊的,田径主任杰森·因帕拉蒂说. “这么多人的辛勤工作现在正在成为现实. 我要特别感谢我们的董事会, Chief of Staff Christyn Abaray and 劳里·卡特总统 for continuing to support Lawrence athletics. 我们的学生运动员和工作人员都非常兴奋. 今天是维京人的好日子." 

这条新的九车道轨道预计将于2023年秋季完工. (图片由瑞特勒公司提供.)

  雷特勒公司的计划. call for a nine-lane track and use of the space both inside and outside of the track for competition. The new track surface will be a Stobitan SW Sandwich System and be in the dark blue color of Lawrence athletics.
    草地内场将有四个独立的空间容纳投掷区. 在建筑群的东侧, the large throws cage is for discus and hammer throw and another area features two circles for shot put. On the west end of the track is the runway for the javelin throw and the high jump area. The area north of the track will be for long jump, triple jump and pole vault. The area for long and triple jump features two runways with pits on each end for a total of four sand pits. 撑杆跳场地有两条跑道,中间有两个坑.
    A walkway between the track and the baseball and softball fields is included to allow student-athletes safe access to and from the Banta Bowl and Alexander Gymnasium. 
    "The track and field renovation project will be a game-changer for our track and field and cross country teams,劳伦斯首席田径和越野教练杰森·法斯特说. "This new facility will give us one of the finest outdoor track and field facilities in the area. We look forward to showcasing it to the greater Fox Valley area once it's completed."
    The facility also gets a leg up on the competition with the installation of a Musco lighting system.
    "Whiting Field's location makes it a prime spot to host some really competitive twilight meets with the addition of the new lighting system,法斯特说.
    Lawrence student-athletes are looking forward to seeing the transformation take place at Whiting Field.
    “当法斯特教练告诉我们新赛道要建的时候, 我欣喜若狂,大二的越野赛和田径明星克里斯汀·奥利弗说. "It's going to be an amazing opportunity to train on and eventually race on this brand new facility. One day we can hopefully be able to host bigger meets that more competitive schools will want to come to. It's a big step up in the game for the program and the current and future team. 这不仅表明田径项目正在发展, 但bwin体育的体育运动总体上正在向好的方向发展." 
    他是加州雷东多海滩人., 奥利弗是本届中西部越野冠军, 全国大学生体育协会三级锦标赛越野资格赛, 还是五次联盟径赛冠军.
    "I am really excited for bwin体育's new high-caliber track surface,一年级田径运动员杰登·沃森说, 汉密尔顿人, 德州. "It will give myself, as well as my team, a fantastic opportunity to better ourselves on the track. This new facility is the gateway into the latest and greatest era of LU track and field. I believe that this new project will not only be a betterment for our track and field team, 而是整个劳伦斯社区." 
    Future plans for the Whiting Field complex feature the complete renovation of the baseball and softball fields and call for construction of a grandstand on the track near the start-finish line housing a structure for timing and scoring, and of a building for concessions and restrooms near the entrance to the track.
    Whiting Field had its dedication in the fall of 1925 after the gift from Mr. 怀廷是乔治. 惠廷纸业有限公司.和怀特-珩纸业有限公司.,在史蒂文斯角. The facility became the hub of Lawrence athletics and was joined by Alexander Gymnasium immediately to its west in 1929. Whiting Field served as the home to both Lawrence track and field and football until football moved to the Banta Bowl in 1965. 1966年,一条新的永久跑道取代了旧的煤渣跑道.